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Mar y Golf Roquetas de Mar

Called now Fenix Beach Apartments. This problematic complex is in Almeria, in an Urbanization of Roquetas de Mar. The companies that are or have been behind the Mar y Golf complex make up a tangle of takeovers, liquidations, bankruptcy proceedings, debts and a long etcetera of irregularities. The debt of the group is astronomical. As we have already said, in this type of complex there are less and less members left to pay maintenance fees. The dissociations that are carried out year after year are leaving it empty and this is a problem for the member that stays and for the complex.

Don’t be fooled again, before you sign, consult us:

Fenix Beach Apartments

This timeshare resort is located in Roquetas De Mar. There are many members who request the disassociation of Apartments Fenix Beach / Sea and Golf. They agree that they stopped using the week and do not want to continue paying the maintenance fees.

These resorts are running out of tenants to support the common facilities, the number of timeshare owners who continue to pay maintenance fees is decreasing, and this leads to steep rises for those who continue to pay. Apartments Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf is one of the most affected by this inconvenience.

RCI Apartments Exchange Fenix Beach / Sea and Golf #2930

This resort is affiliated to the RCI exchange network with the code Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf Apartments #2930, but few owners use RCI.

The exchange that RCI gives, is not adjusted at all to the Spanish owners. One of the problems of Apartamentos Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf, according to the opinion of the owners, is the impossibility of exchanging one week of the winter season to another high one, and this is the big problem. When they bought they did not warn you of this difficulty.

Management of Mar y Golf Apartments S.L.

Under the protection of the brand of the complex, the company Gestión Apartamentos Mar y Golf S.L. is offering to the members a «supposed dissociation» of their previous week, of course. Be very alert to the content of the contracts because they do not imply a real dissociation. The contract they are sending for that «dissociation» is a real deception with a big trap.

Contract with Mar y Golf

We are not going to go into the way in which Gestión Apartamentos Mar y Golf S.L. wants its members to pay the 1,500 euros they request, at least «curious». What we do insist on is that the contracts do not represent an effective transmission of the «week». If you have already signed a contract with Mar y Golf and have paid, call us as soon as possible to stop the process of deception as soon as possible.

You have to consider which are the only legal ways to stop owning something, especially when we talk about a contract or deed of this type of «property», there are no other options. The contract that Mar y Golf proposes does not suppose any of the legal formulas, it is a deception.

Selling and Canceling Sea and Golf Weeks

The most common timeshare scam is the resale of weeks. Companies that promise to sell your week for a value that you determine and that charge you an amount up front (money you will lose). Watch out for this because there are still websites on the Internet that supposedly sell and cancel weeks of Sea and Golf or other resorts. You can identify the scam very easily because behind these websites there are no real companies or societies with real ciphers that protect them, that is to say, the real participants or promoters of this supposed scam are not identified.

So, watch out for this, because you could be giving your personal data to real, malicious strangers.

Before you sign anything, let alone pay for it, consult us. We will be happy to carry out a study of your documentation free of charge. Remember that we will call you exclusively to resolve the query you want to make.

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Apartments Mar y Golf Roquetas De Mar Almeria

🥇Where can I cancel my week of timeshare in Apartments Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf ?

cancel a title in the complex Apartments Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf you can go to any of our offices

🥇Is it feasible to cancel the contract in Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf Apartments?

The nullity of a timeshare contract depends on several factors. A study of your documentation is necessary to answer this question.

🥇Can I stop paying the maintenance fee in Apartments Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf?

No, as long as you are the owner of Apartamentos Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf you will have to continue paying the fees and spills.

🥇What is the address of Apartamentos Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf multiproperty}The

address is:
Avenida Diagonal s/n
04740 Roquetas De Mar

🥇What is the phone number of Apartments Fenix Beach / Mar y Golf in Roquetas De Mar?

The telephone number is 950627318

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