▷ Trapped In The Timeshare TV Interview

trapped in the repor rtve timeshare

The RTVE Repor programme on the 24-hour channel deals with the issue


RTVE’s current affairs programme REPOR has addressed the issue of the thousands of families who are caught up in this holiday system.

We are very happy to have been chosen as a leading firm helping owners get rid of their week of timeshare, both legally and through change of ownership.

It has been many years helping the multiples and the fact that this program has dealt with the issue for us is a great recognition to our work as an expert firm.

We hope that this television programme which talks about timeshare will be widely broadcast.

Those trapped in timeshare with no possibility of selling

We first deal with the cases of thousands of clients who bought these weeks before 1998 and who now, can neither sell it, nor give it away, nor give up their timeshare, with the aggravating circumstance that their children inherit the week, leaving them and their heirs trapped for life. The definitive solution given by this office is the only alternative that the trapped have to this problem.

We hope that this issue will be widely disseminated; there are thousands of people affected who do not use the week, nor do they want it, and continue to pay for something they do not use. Even if they give away the week, they can’t get rid of it.

In addition, companies selling weeks with the support of the resorts swindle them year after year with resale. Resale is a scam that consists of making the client believe that they can sell their week for a great economic value: They charge amounts of money for advertising and management knowing that these weeks are not saleable.

Money recovery

Another issue that we deal with in the television programme is that of those customers who can get their money back: we are talking about the contracts signed after 5 January 1999 and which the Supreme Court has declared null and void.

Fortunately, this firm has an expert legal team in recovery of amounts whose main lawyer is Alvaro Caballero.

If you’re a «trapped in timeshare,» contact this office. We will make a completely free and personalized study of your case so that you can know the viability of recovering your money.

✅ Which TV Show Talks About Timeshare

The television programme that has spoken about the problem of timeshare is REPOR de televisión Española. It was broadcast on February 2, 2020 on Channel 24 Horas.

✅ Where Can I See The Francisco Claros Interview

On this website you can see the interview with the manager of Multi-Property Attorney that they did on the TV show.

✅ What topic of timeshare was discussed in the television program

Maintenance debts and their defence, the nullity of timeshares and the recovery of amounts, resale scams and the solution to those caught in the pre-1998 timeshare

✅ What Weeks Can Be Canceled And Money Recovered

A thorough analysis of the documentation of the week’s purchase must be made, because not all voidable cases can recover the money. Legal action is not always the best option, we must be sure that there is not a network of companies that make it impossible to recover the amounts, as the television programme points out.

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