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timeshare resale

Selling a week of timeshare

Disassociation by sale of the week to a company

The answer to whether you can sell a week’s worth of timeshare is absolutely yes, it’s another matter if someone wants it. Whoever bought can sell without any other requirements than those demanded by the legal rules in force. Selling a timeshare, however, is impossible for one simple reason: there are no buyers. The system has been in a commercial decline for years now, apart from scams, deception and other known issues, and it is not going to come out of it. Even if some «absent-minded» buyer were to appear, companies, with the current legislation, find it virtually impossible to sell in full compliance with the law, except in rare cases.

What these companies can do, without any problem, is to buy. Another thing is that they want to. The trading companies behind the complexes could reach agreements of this type with partners who want to stop, but they do not usually do so.

Check if your contract is void and you can claim your money

How do you sell a timeshare?

In the event that a company decides to acquire a timeshare by any means of transfer (assignment, legal act of sale, donation, etc.) there are no other precautions to be taken than the legal ones, regardless of the terms of the agreements between the parties. If you have any doubts, which there always are, the most practical solution is to consult a lawyer who specialises in timeshares. Even a Notary is not too much. To sell a timeshare the only legal requirement is to own the property. It does not matter what the sale price is, nor that there are debts over the week or even that there is or is not an entry in the Land Registry. The only important thing is that things are done right. This is where you have to be especially careful and consult with whom you owe. The Internet is full of opinions, but timeshare experts are in short supply.

Timeshare resale, The answer to whether you can sell a week's worth of timeshare is resoundingly yes. Whoever bought can sell without any other requirements than those demanded by the legal regulations in force. Selling a Timeshare

Where to sell a timeshare?

It’s been a while since the physical location has been important for almost anything. Nowadays, a sale of weeks can be carried out without coinciding with the other party at the same notary’s office. In these cases, it is best to carry out the transaction before a notary using the figure of the verbal agent. Two different notaries will identify the parties and ensure separately that the whole procedure is perfectly legal. This is not always necessary, but sometimes it is more than convenient and economical.

Companies claiming to sell timeshare

The sales market as it is traditionally understood does not exist. Timeshare resale companies claim to sell weeks, but all they do is charge for placing an ad for selling weeks of timeshare that will do absolutely nothing. This is at best. Others charge you a «fee» for the paperwork and I’ve seen you not remember.

In short, you can sell a timeshare as long as you are an owner and a merchant is willing to accept the transfer because, as many have seen and suffered, selling between individuals is impossible.

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