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Marbella Beach Resort

This community in regime of right of use by turn is located in Marbella. A large number of owners are requesting the disassociation of Marbella Beach Resort. They agree that they have stopped using it and do not want to have the expense of maintenance fees in perpetuity.

Apartment hotels are running out of owners to support the common facilities, the number of timeshare owners who continue to pay annual fees is decreasing, and this leads to sharp increases for those who continue to pay. Marbella Beach Resort is one of the most affected by this difficulty.

Cancel Marbella Beach Resort

To get rid of a timeshare in Marbella Beach Resort in Marbella several factors come into play:

  • Date of purchase.
  • The perpetuity of the law.
  • If you were given credit.
  • Public deed
  • The Property Registry

If you purchased your timeshare prior to January 5, 1999 and there was no nullity of contract, then there is only the possibility of disassociation by change of ownership.

Find out how you can detach yourself from a timeshare in Marbella Beach Resort apartments and the possibility of recovering part of the amounts paid in the purchase.

Marbella Beach Resort lawyer with free consultation

Sell Week in Marbella Beach Resort

We already know the scam of reselling the timeshare. We provide free advice on this type of scam. Ask for free advice on how to pass on the week immediately.

Cancel time share in Marbella Beach Resort

When it is not possible to claim the nullity to free yourself from Marbella Beach Resort, changing the ownership of the week becomes the best way out.

Annual Fee Claim

The fees in Marbella Beach Resort are mandatory, so if you are claimed you must settle before it ends up in a lawsuit for debt.

RCI Marbella Beach Resort Exchange #4788

This resort is affiliated to the RCI exchange network with the code Marbella Beach Resort #4788, but very few are the multi-owners who use RCI.

The service that the company offers, is not adapted at all to the Spanish public. One of the problems of Marbella Beach Resort, according to the opinion of the multi owners, is the frustration to change one week of the winter season to another high one, and this is the big inconvenience. When they bought they did not warn you of this difficulty.

The address of this hotel is:

Marbella Beach Resort
Crta. de Cadiz KM 193 Urb. Marbella del Este
29604 Marbella

Marbella Beach Resort contact phone number: 952769600

🥇Where can I cancel my week of timeshare in Marbella Beach Resort

To cancel a title in the Marbella Beach Resort complex you can go to any of our offices or call 900 525 939

🥇Is it possible to cancel the contract in Marbella Beach Resort?

The nullity of a timeshare contract depends on several factors. A study of your documentation is necessary to answer this question.

🥇Can I stop paying the maintenance fee at Marbella Beach Resort?

No, as long as you are the owner of Marbella Beach Resort you must continue to pay the fees and spills.

🥇What is the address of Marbella Beach timeshare?

The address is:
Cadiz Road KM 193 Urb. East Marbella
29604 Marbella

🥇What is the telephone number of Marbella Beach Resort in Marbella?

The phone number is 952769600

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