The Kimball

The Kimball

150 North Main Street

Salt Lake City ,



Enjoy all that downtown Salt Lake City has to offer while you stay at The Kimball, your home away from home. The Kimball is equipped with plentiful amenities and Wi-Fi access. Step outside the door into Temple Square, the world-renowned Family History Library, and many other historical attractions. Whether you want to spend time in the city or the surrounding mountains, The Kimball is the place for you.

Check in Saturday

Salt Lake City/SLC

8 Miles / 13 KM

· Air Conditioning (In Units) · Cooking Facilities (In Units) · DVD or VCR (In Units) · Exercise Room, Equipped · Laundry Facilities · Sauna or Steam Room · Whirlpool Spa or Hot Tub · Wi-Fi Access · Bar/Cocktail Lounge · Car Rentals · Entertainment, Live · Grocery/Convenience Store · Restaurant · Skating, Ice

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